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Rib Contest

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Hello Smokers;


I'm entering my first rib contest in two weeks with my son and I have no idea how to make my plate for the presentation.


Would anyone be able to help me?


ie, what to put on the plaste so it looks great!



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I can't help you, but there are some guys on here who can.

I moved this to the General Discussion section.

I think you will get more replies there.



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Thanks Al;


First time doing this.......:icon_lol:

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I've never done one myself so take this with a grain of salt, however what I have always seen is:


Ribs nicely sliced and laid on a bunch of curly parsley (stems tucked in/under) to make a nice little bed for the ribs to lay on.


That's about all the advice I can offer. Good luck, and hopefully someone else can chime in with better advice than mine!

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Thanks Betaboy......


I will be looking into other avenue also!

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Bed of green kale is what I typically see.  Imparts no flavor (thus why I hate eating the stuff), it won't crush under the weight of the meat, and makes for a nice presentation.

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Do you actually get to use a plate or are they issuing you the competition boxes?
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Give this a view


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thank you grOuchO I never thought of that!



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I believe we are using plates BBQBrett.

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the video was very informational, thanks dirtsailor2003

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Lots of good ideas here. What you can use will mostly depend on who is running the competition. There should be a 'cooks meeting' to give the competitors all the rules and answer any questions. I know this doesn't help you come prepared or practice though. Good luck and let us know how it turns out! Mike
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Welcome, goose. I like kale better since it doesn't wilt like parsley or leaf lettuce under the heat or the weight.
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thanks SO MS Smoker;


I'm going in with an open mind and see what happens on my first try.  


I will try and post my picture of my plate or container at the rib contest.


Thanks again



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