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Birthday smoker

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What a wife. She seen me struggling trying to learn sausage making with my WSM & the constant murmuring that I wanted an MES & today it arrive a new shiny MES 30 W/remote. New to this type of smoking so it make take awhile & new to MES, but what a great birthday present.

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Nice score,Happy birthday!
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Awesome. It's a great sausage smoker.

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Happy birthday buddy!


That's all I use my MES for is sausage & cold smoking bacon & lox.


They really work well for that.



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Thanks guys!!


Yeah Al I plan on only sausage & cold smoking for the MES. I just can't give up the WSM I love it for hot smoking.


If everything goes well I will have it seasoned this weekend & maybe a small trial of pork. Reading as much as I can on the MEC before I start. There's a lot here!!

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