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Electric burner question.

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Here is my set up.... Use my pellet grill to push smoke and little burners for extra heat. Any other ideas for electric heat source?
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Nothing to add to your setup except maybe some heat shielding down near the burners.  I have managed to get a foil-lined tight-box set-up to 140F using heat lamps (for drying dirt samples)...but the burners you have seem that they would be easier to set/maintain a temperature.  With the heat lamps we had on/off in-between.

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I use a single burner countertop model and put a small cast iron skillet on it with a big chunk of wood. Plenty of smoke and heat. My brother sent me an old PID he bought from a cheesemaker supply company that just has an outlet on the back that I'm going to try next instead of having to fiddle with the control knob.

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I converted two Big Chief smokers similar to what Pete did by installing a couple 1100 watt counter top burners and then plug them each into a PID controller.  Very easy to operate.  Very hands off.

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I have a setup like yours; I raise the heat by raising the burner. Cut a piece of plywood to fit snugly and put it on blocks to reduce the size of the box to the point your heat is right.
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