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Well it's time to take the plunge and go for a brisket, got one prepped up for tomorrow with a coffee rub. Hope to get a uds build finished as well so there goes my lay in!
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GO FOR IT STEVE!  You got this buddy.  :popcorn  Who needs sleep when there is meat to smoke!  :icon_biggrin:  Keep Smokin!


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When will it be cooked? On my way over for a Sample!
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Well it's done nice flavour might be a bit tough though took it to 208f internal but it could be me being over critical, not sure, happy though only my second attempt
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It's funny how we are never 100% happy with our cooks! Always pushing for that extra 10%! Looks good to me Steve.
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Looks good buddy.  Those supermarket type briskets are pretty tough to smoke.  They have almost zero fat.  Looks like it was moist.  Keep Smokin!


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Looking good Steve Thumbs Up

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Lookin good!
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