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No sign yet gang, anyone received theirs yet?
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No not yet, I think I ordered mine a couple of weeks after you when it had dropped to 73p

It's been 7 weeks now, I suppose I'll think about trying to get my 73p back from Amazon fairly soon.

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After not hearing back from my vendor, I have started the process to recover my 73p

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I did the same two days ago.
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You might want to re read that last msg Steve biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by Steve Johnson View Post

You might want to re read that last msg Steve biggrin.gif

HaHa Typo error!
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Looks like you are having a good time in America Steve & Paul.
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Dropped Amazon an email this morning and all monies refunded within the hour...

I guess at least we haven't lost anything except a ridiculously cheap thermometer, which poses my next question..does anyone know where to get a ridiculously cheap infra red thermometer that will be delivered.

It's been a blast

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Just confirmed, full refund.
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Well the one on Amazon with next day prime delivery is £10.99 which isn't bad. There are others for about £8 but they are from China. There are a few on eBay for round about £8 from the UK with good feedback.


I think I paid about £11 for the one I bought  a couple of years ago. I would recommend getting one of the 550ºC ones if you can as Kamados and Wood fired ovens can get much hotter than 300ºC which a lot of infrared thermometers only go up to.

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Still not here must be 5 weeks

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Man, slow boat from China Syndrome!


I bought one off of Amazon about a year ago. $7.98US, free shipping using Amazon Prime. Had the unit in two days. Works great but really don't use it too much. My sous chef likes playing around with it, zapping everything in the kitchen to see how hot or cold things are.

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Have been waiting 3 mnths for deliverey

Avoid at all costs

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I ordered 2 got my money back off amazon as have others
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me too, never turned up,Amazon refunded me.

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