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My first bacon ooo yaaaaa

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IMG_20160814_194840.jpg 1642k .jpg file this is my pork belly getting ready for some seasoning just before smoking. I am so sorry for not getting pictures when i put on the dry cure but do to medical reasons i was on able to at thetime but i used sea salt brown sugar,pink salt then i
wrapped it up with my vacuum sealer and put it in my fridge at 37 degrees this step was very important i was told for 6 days

Now i added crushed pepper to a portion of the belly and them sprinkled garlic powder on the rest and put it on the smoker at 150 degrees for 3 hours then bumped up the temp to 200 intill my it was 150 and here are some pictures of it when it came off
I let it come down to room temperature then put it in the( hardest thing ihave had to do i so wanted a piece) refrigerator for the resting period of 8 hours it was late in the evening so it went in all night. And here was the final product

Hope you like this as much as i did sharing it with you
Papa t.
P.s heres a sneak peak at my next project taking a bath see it finished in a couple of weeks do you know what it is??
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PT, good looking bacon ! Is your next project CB?

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That's some good looking bacon!


Nice job!



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I love bacon, your looks great, keep up the good work!


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Thank you! And yes you got it i will post pics in about 14 days
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Thanks Al appreciate it
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Thanks redhellerdog just dont get on the stove and eat the bacon lol sorry had to say that i have short hairs and they would steel it lol.
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Thank you crazy moon and you got it show you pics in about 14 days
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Fine looking bacon. I'm looking forward to the mystery project!


Points for a great first bacon.



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Super bacon !  I'm going to give ya points for that on the first try,.  Nice looking slice pics too.superjob.gif




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Thanks DISCO AND HOITY TO It really appreciate the points. I should be posting my other project the mystery meat in about 7 days plus I just put a few more slabs of bacon in for a cure did a sweet and spice,and a paprika sugar blend and a maple syrup brown sugar blend can't wait to try them all. Thanks for getting me addicted
Papa t
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