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ribs without foil

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Let me start by saying I have a masterbuilt electric smoker and I'm not a big fan of wrapping BBQ in foil. I've made a brisket without foil tenting and it came great, smokey, and juicy. Next, I'm gonna try pork ribs. I'm thinking 4 racks of baby back and everyone says use foil. I hate foil. Can I get some sound advice on time and temp without foil?


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Most BB ribs will take about 5 hours without foil.


I use a thermapen to check the IT of the ribs & we like them at 195.


Just a little before fall off the bone which would be 200.


Since this is your first post, would you swing by roll call & introduce yourself.


Then we can all give you a proper welcome.



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Thats Al for the rib advice and the roll call advice
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