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Mes40 temp??

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So I butterflied. 4.5 lb bird & had it in at 275 for 4 hours & I could not get the darn bird past 250!
I got a Rubbermaid thermometer that on to pack read 200 whole time. Is my mes40 messed up? This is only 3rd smoke w it, first w thermometer. Thanks for any input, cheers!
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Did you have it in a pan or tight up against the heat sensor?
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Couldn't get the Bird past 250? Or the Smoker past 250? The Bird only has to go to 165 so I assume you meant Past 150. If the smoker was only going to 200, there is a problem. Don't add water to the pan and verify the smoker with a known good and Tested accurate Therm...JJ

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