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No ribs in my birds

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I have been spatchcocking my chickens and turkeys for a couple of years and I don't intend to ever do them any other way. Recently, I saw a post about removing the ribs after they were butterflied and I tried it on 3 chickens last week to bring on vacation for chicken salad. It was as easy as pie and made for great pulling and I would also say that it would really assist in slicing as well.

I would recommend trying this for anyone. Just a boning knife and slide it easily under the ribs and they come right out.

Good luck with it, Joe
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I like to leave them in, and then cut them out as I'm carving, AKA, Chef snacks!
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Wow. Never thought of doing that.
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I'll have to try that on my next Spatchcocked birds. I have a pair of 9 LB turkeys in the freezer, and that would probably work great. Thanks for the suggestion !
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Three additional minutes added to the spatchcock process makes such a huge difference in the carving! Two cuts and you have the finished bird quartered. Then just slice the breasts and separate the leg from the thigh. Makes for a MUCH simpler and nicer presentation.
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50 ways to skin a cat...


I start at the wings, cut that joint, cut down along the ribs to the breastbone, move back to the thigh and cut that joint. repeat the other side. Nice butterflied bird and I can pull the whole carcass out and use it for making roasted chicken stock..

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