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Corn blowing over

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It rained all spring, then it started a small summer spell with little rain. Now it rains hard and blows hard once the corn it wet and flattens it over once the soil is soft. I stood it up once and packed around them and a week later its down again in a different direction. 


Will it stand back up, Is this normal or should I just mow it and call it a loss? 

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Have a read on  this.

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we've had to stand our corn up and re-pack the roots 2-3 times....     The corn was fine.....  however, since then, I plant the seeds deeper, in a trench, to get deeper root holding power....   seems to work....  although it still blows over and produces good ears....

I did start planting it closer together...  6" in the rows and rows 8" apart...  getting 5 rows in one bed 60' long....  that gave me 600 corn plants in that bed...  they stood up really good...   Lots of corn... at least 2 ears per plant sometimes 3....  took LOTS of ammonium sulfate and LOTS of water but what the hey.....   Good corn is awesome...

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I was surprised to discover that ordinary off-the-shelf popcorn can be viable. I started some seed, squirrels got some of it but not all. Funny thing, the tallest plant is from a seed stolen by a squirrel and planted elsewhere in the garden, so it stands alone. I have some ears. I want Linda's grandson to see them on the plant.


I don't expect any big harvest but I just like the look of corn. Next year I plan to grow it intermingled with sunflowers.

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