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Smokin it #1 baby back ribs - 250

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My smoker pre smoke

Full size 3lb Baby Back. I found the meatier rack from Aldi's. $2.89/lb. Never frozen.

Wood size of Sugar Maple chunk.

Double boiled KC Masterpiece sauce. Yes, it's bottled but I was lazy today. I did grind my own spices and rub though.

More pics and full belly to follow. grilling_smilie.gifyahoo.gif
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Forgot to mention that is Gentlemens Jack mixed with tbe sauce.beercheer.gif

Ribs are cooked without foil at 250 for 4 hrs

Also I am experimenting with saucing and mopping. Sauced one rack from the start and then again every 15 mins the last hour. The other rack is only sauced last 15 mins.

More to come....
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Looks great so far!



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After 4 hrs unfortunately they were not done. The IT was 175 but what the heck? I ate one anyhow. They were not as bad as I thought. Alot of pull but bone still ended clean. The rest are on the smoker until 195.

The best part of that one brat I threw on. I know it only takes an hour but I left it on for 2 hrs. IT was 195. A tad too hot but still tasted fine.

Just one glaze

About 5 or so glazes. I would not try it again. IMO it steals flavor away from rub. It also looked like it began to brush the rub off.

All in all not a bad cook.
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