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Loving this Weber 18 1/2 classic!!

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This was given away free in a local classified. It was used only once and then stored away. I forgot how good food cooks and tastes from them.
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Nice score!

Can't beat those kettles!

We are visiting relatives and I cooked a couple of steaks for them on their kettle last night.

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You are visiting and YOU have to cook?!?! Either they are really bad or you are just good. :)

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Nice!!! You can also smoke on it as well.

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Oh and I am getting a 22 1/2 kettle this week as well. Another free-B. These guys are all going gas. And I get it....It's cheaper! A 5 gallon bottle when filled all of the way(you have to avoid exchanges) will last longer than 14 bags of charcoal. The bottle was 14 dollars to fill up for me last week.You do the math. But I don't like sacrificing flavor. And I love the options on the 22 1/2. I would like to get the 3rd party Santa Maria add-on for it. I do hope to take this 18 unit and add a gas burner to it. I have decided that taking a large smoker to the tailgate pitmaster competition I wish to enter into is not ideal. And I hate most gas units out there. I cannot afford a nice Weber or Broil King and if I had to use my trailer, I would then take the OKJ. But if I can use a burner and lava rocks, this would work out. Looking at some burner assemblies online. They don't allow wood burning or charcoal on campus as too many planters kept catching on fire. I built one like this back in the mid-90's and it worked like a champ. Hope to duplicate that same success. That and to mess with the heads of the competition committee and fire marshal.

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I plan to smoke some with it though it has some limitations. It makes sense when I am smoking only 2 racks of ribs or 1 spatchcock chicken.

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Man this was soooooo good
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I cooked on an 18 when camping and loved every second of it. It's the only size weber kettle I don't have
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I will soon have just it and a 22. Trading my 14 smoky Joe for a 22 with a friend.
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