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Brisket and Beans

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12lb. Brisket. Smoked on a vertical charcoal smoker.

Seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic. Wrapped and placed in fridge for 20 hours.

Put on smoker at 3am and smoked for 13 hours. Sorry, no before pictures.

Here are the after pictures.

Finished off with two pans of smoked baked beans. And, smoked au juice. Perfect.

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Yes Sir!


It looks like a perfect meal to me!


Nice job!



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You had some good eating there...Nice smoke!!
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Looks great,nice smoke and smoker!
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Looks like a very good meal to me.

Hope you had fun with it.



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Thanks guys. Brisket, for me, has always made me a little nervous while smoking. I think what has helped me with all my smokes is my smoker. It has always outperformed my expectations. Very constant temperatures and the ability to do long burns with no hassle.

Ok, enough rambling. It's my Honey Jack that sticks with me through them all. And my daughter. Whom is a very talented smoker already. She has her hands in all of my smokes. Thanks Jenna. Love you. Dad
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