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Search for Alton Brown's episode on smoking salmon in a cardboard box using a hot plate. Its a good example of what you can do in a box.
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Sorry PM0084. This discussion should have been taken to another thread. Still drooling over that nice hunk of meat you cooked
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From here it looks like your smoker buddy on the couch has let you down and may not have his mind on the cook! B

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Laughed my butt off on that one. No. He waits till the end when its coming out of the smoker. He'll be a buddy to anyone that pulls the food out of it.
89.7 lb baby. Pure boxer. Listens when he is ready.
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Oh. And he tries to sit on my shoulder like a parrot. I gave up and bought a chair big enough as he also thinks he's a lap dog
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Terrific looking pulled pork. Definitely worthy of points!



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