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Smoke Tronix on Amazon

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Just stumbled across this smoker on Amazon.  Looks interesting and full of upgraded features compared to the MB digital electric smokers.  Has anyone used one or seen one at retail?





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It looks like a very nice smoker.


Seemingly currently out of stock at this time.


I deleted your link, since they are not allowed on here.



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Good looking piece of equipment.



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Thanks for cleaning up my post.  I didn't know that links weren't allowed.  If anyone finds information on this smoker please advise.

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They have 2 videos on YouTube, posted June 6 and June 9. One is for a model in Stainless. It seems those are brand new models (made in China), and just coming to the market, not yet available in the US.


The name Smoke Tronix was requested for a WW trademark by Outdoor Leisure Products, Inc (Canada) in April 2015, and as of May 2016 their registration review was complete (don't be in a rush...). Outdoor Leisure Products is currently building their (new) website, so it all looks new with no history on it. They say they sell on Amazon, Home Depot, Wayfair, ...


I like the side loading for water, one thing the MB does not have. I am not sure about the BT connection, as it's usually limited to 30 ft and less if obstructions.


Not sure how it compares to the MB 20070115 or MB 20075315, and I am curious to know.

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Just checked out the videos.  The side loading for water is cool and so is the fact you can empty used wood chips and add new without opening the door.  On the MBs I never understood how you could keep adding chips if you never emptied the pan?


I am also interested in the cold and fast smoking features.  I have always wanted to try smoking cheese but it has been difficult to keep the temp down and still get smoke.


I found the Smoke Hollow youtube channel and their smoking tabletop/portable grill was there as well.  Good looking stuff.

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Yes, I like the extra capabilities too. I guess we have to wait until it's available (when?) and somebody tries it.


On the MB and wood chips, not sure. I assume it turns into ashes, not taking much space and it's OK.


Never had an electric smoker, only charcoal, so I am debating which one to buy.

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It looks nice...I use my MB for cold only unless I get lazy and don't want to use the egg...I'll wait till they ship and have reviews before looking for a new toy
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texas.gif  Good morning and welcome to the forum, from a cloudy, hot and humid day here in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.




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Friend of mine found one at Sam's Club in Hagerstown, MD and the store manager told him they were also available at the Sam's Clubs in Baltimore and Timonium, MD and Mechanicsburg, York, and Harrisburg, PA.

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I just bought one of these from Sams Club in Roanoke VA. I have seasoned it but haven't had the chance to use it yet. I'm new to electric smoking. Looking forward to it
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Amazon now announces a 1-2 months shipping. I cannot find it on Sam's Club web site. Would it be a store-only one?

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In the manual from my PS4415 it says you can reach the manufacturer at 866-475-5180.  They might be able to tell you where to get one.  I saw the same thing you did on Amazon but I noticed in the question section that it says the item is available and will not take 1 or 2 months to deliver.

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Thanks, I had not noticed the question. I sent an email to the manufacturer yesterday, so let's see if I get an answer.


In any case, I am curious to get reviews/feedback before getting it, so I hope our fellow smokers who got one will be able to tell us the good, bad, and ugly...

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<deleted duplicate post>

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Crob40, have you had a chance to try out that new smoker?

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The manufacturer responded:


The unit you are inquiring about is new and currently only available through Sam's Club in select clubs and online. We have many retailers besides Amazon : Home depot.com, Wal-Mart.com, Sears, K-mart, Gander Mtn., Bi-mart, Brandsmart, OSH, Sam's, Orshelyn, Fleet Farm, CAL ranch just to name a few.




But I cannot find anything for Sam's online. So far, only Amazon has it for sale.


Any feedback from somebody who got one?

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Outdoor Leisure site is up. They say they are located in Missouri.


Site has all their products for sale, even though the smoker if $50 more expensive than on Amazon. They list a lot of sites selling their products, but only Amazon has the D4015B.


They also have all the guides available, so you can a little more details on the smoker.


Still no reviews..

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Small price decrease on Amazon.


Now Home Depot carries it (online only, not in store), a little bit more expensive than Amazon. Wayfair has it also, at an outrageous price (higher than what the manufacturer sells it for).


Still no reviews, but with more stores selling, maybe something will show up.

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well, here we are headed into September and still no reviews to be found anywhere. I'm still digging trying to find someone who has used one.
A post on Amazon states they bought one first part of August and Amazon is still showing 1 month before it will ship... To be fair to Amazon, I've seen them say product will ship as far as 2 weeks, then get a ship notice the next day.

I'm really liking this Smoke-Tronix smoker, want to replace my old Smokey Hollow LP smoker, if it proves to be a good unit..
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