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New guy in Texas

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Hi!  My name is Blake and I'm from Longview, TX.  I'm new to smoking (only one easy smoke under my belt so far).  My fiancé and I enjoy traveling to BBQ joints all over the state of Texas and have just decided to give it a try ourselves.  Our inspiration is, of course, Aaron Franklin and the Mueller's.


Bought my first smoker a couple of weeks ago.  I decided to go with the Camp Chef 24" Smoke Vault (propane).  The goal is to see if we enjoy it is as much as we thing we will and then eventually buy a smoking trailer down the road.


I'm going to attempt my first brisket smoke this weekend.  I'll post another thread for that and welcome the feedback.

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Welcome to the forum Blake.


I have a SV also. There a great smoker.



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Welcome from SC, Blake. It's good to have you here.
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