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Smoking with Dragon Fire...

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Greetings everyone,


Found this Forum after searching how to properly season my new Smoker.

I currently reside in Eastern PA (USA) and just purchased my second smoker.

I got into Smoking Meat when I visited my brother and a friend of his had brought his Smoker over to a weekend event, and was making everything from Meat, to Corn, to Salsa (smoked inside of an Avocado).


I was not sure how much I would use it myself on my own, so I didn't want to dump a lot of money into my first smoker, so I made one out of two Terracotta Pots like this one:


I ended up using it way more than I thought I would and loved coming up with all kinds of ideas of items I could smoke.

The very first thing I smoked in it was ripe Jalapeno to make my own Chipotle Peppers (attached pic)


After a season of fun smoking in this little pot, I decided to purchase a nice sized Smoker and picked up the Oklahoma Joe Highland Smoker.


I look forward to many more enjoyable smoking experiences and will be reading these forums for some great ideas!



Absinthe Dragon

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AD Nice job on the smoker Welcome to SMF


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That's killer.
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Love the smoker!


Welcome to the forum.



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