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New to "The Club"...

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Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. Got started smoking on a COS (Smoke Hollow Pro Series) I have decided that the que that I have made was not too shabby, I had to mod everything to get it to hold temps halfway decent. I decided to join the club since I am about to undertake building a vertical from a propane tank that I purchased today. The Tank has already had the caps removed, and she measures 36" across with 6" of tank to work with. The metal is 5/16" thick so I am guessing that she will retain heat well. Cant wait to get started on my project, however I have about 100 others as well, so progress will be slow. I have been researching for awhile and think I have enough info using the calculators and other info that I have obtained on your site by "lurking" for the past six months or so. If anyone has any tips for a vertical, or could point me to the right thread for them I would appreciate it! 

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Welcome to "The Club"  glad you joined us.



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Welcome! Looking forward to seeing the builds progress!
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Welcome to the forum.


I think if you post your build questions here you will get more responses.



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Hey Thanks!!! Will Do now!!

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