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First Time Smoker

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Hello my name is Bill, I am new to this forum and new to smoking meat, I just purchased A Char-Broil BBQ 430 with an off set smoker. I am going to season the smoker today but as far as doing anything after that I am completely clueless. I have never smoked meat a in

my life, so any and all help sure would be appreciated. Below is a picture of my smoker








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Welcome to the forum, Bill.


I would start off with something easy like chicken wings.


Here are a couple of good recipes.





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Thanks Al but the wife wants pork ribs. I already have Apple wook chunks to smoke the ribs
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:welcome1: Glad to have you on board lot of great guys and gals on here with tons of info. Take time to read Initial Greeting on Home page it contains a lot of helpful info. Got to keep the lady happy LOL Smokingal has a great recipe for ribs check it out. If things don't turn out just right don't be disappointed just try again practice makes perfect.



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Originally Posted by snakdoc View Post

Thanks Al but the wife wants pork ribs. I already have Apple wook chunks to smoke the ribs

try CSR pork ribs instead of spares or baby backs. they are much more forgiving and will help you settle in to the smoking way fo life.  (and they are much cheaper so if you mess them up they aren't expensive dog food)


Rub the csr's with mustard then season with favorite rub and sit in the fridge over night

you can smoke on the rack or in a foil pan for about 3-4 hours depending on the smoker temp you are going with. really you want an IT of about 185ish then hold in foil for about 20 minutes and serve hot! 



Hope this helps!

phatbac (Aaron)

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Welcome from the upstate. It's really good to have you here on this great site. Aaron's suggestion of CSR's (country style ribs) is a good starter. I think your wife will enjoy them. Try to get Jeff's recipes for rub and sauce. They are available here and the proceeds go toward the maintenance and support of this site. The recipes are very user friendly and can be tweaked to your personal taste.

I like to rub my CSR's with mustard and Jeff's rub and put them on the grate at about 250-275* for around 3 hours. Then, I take them off and into a pan with a braise of 1/3 Jeff's sauce, 1/3 honey and 1/3 apple juice. Make enough to have the pan 1/2 full. Cover the pan with foil and let them go another hour. This is a real easy cook and makes a great tasting meal.

Good luck and good smokin', Joe. grilling_smilie.gif
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Thanks Joe those do sound amazing, but the wife wants a rack of ribs, Walmart has a nice rack of pork ribs for a good price that I'm going to try before I get the real good ones from my butcher
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My big question is when I smoke my ribs should I put them right on the grill or should I use a rib rack
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snakdoc, welcome to SMF.


The reason folks are suggesting starting with a less expensive meat option is because you will be going through a learning curve. There's not only the procedural learning curve, but also learning your particular smoker...including its strengths and weaknesses. Start by getting yourself a couple of decent quality thermometers, calibrate them, and test your heat variance across the cooking chamber. You will find that particular style of smoker to be considerably hotter at the firebox end. For even cooking of multiple pieces of meat, you might need to rearrange the meat periodically so as not to overcook one and undercook others.


Vertical rib racks, IMHO, are nice only if you need to pack more racks into your smoker than it can handle if laid horizontally. I prefer the flavor and juiciness of ribs laid out on the grates with the bone side down. I believe this helps the rendered fat to baste the meat better than if it is allowed to run off quickly as it would in the vertical racks.


There are plenty of threads on here with terrific advice on preparing successful ribs. If you haven't already, browse those threads and you'll be on your way to excellent ribs in no time.


Good luck with those ribs and have fun!

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I agree with Tom. Use the grate if you have room. The ribs will cook more evenly.
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How would I go about getting Mike's recipe for his rub
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correction how do I go about getting Jeff's recipe for his rub

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There is a spot on the new members section where you can order the rub or the sauce or both. The recipes are very reasonable and the proceeds go for the maintenance and support of this great site.
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Thanks Joe I found it. Also since I don't have a charcoal basket at this time could I use a aluminum pan as a charcoal basket or would the direct heat just melt it
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you can get a nice charcoal basket of whatever dimensions you need on amazon for around 40-50 dollars. they are steel mesh and last you as long as the smoker. i would not use aluminum.  i use a steel charcoal basket in my lang for starting purposes. just do a search on amazon for charcoal basket.


Hope this helps,

phatbac (Aaron)

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Thanks Phatbac but I actually found a thread on here on how to make one out of expanded metal
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the ribs pre rub
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The ribs with the dry rub
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Just off the smoker
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