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First smoke advice needed

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I am about to do my first ever smoke and hopefully the meat turns out great but to be honest this one is more for learning the overall process than anything.  Ok so here is what I have and want to do.  18" Weber Silver.  I have a 3-4lb pork shoulder.  I am thinking I would like to try the snake method.  So my question is for a small meat like this would you folks suggest a half moon snake or all the way around.  Also my initial plan is to snake with a row of two briquets next to each other on the bottom row and then one briquet on the top row.  I would love to get some feedback from you folks.  I am open to any and all suggestions.  Thank you in advance

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Personally I'd skip the minion method,  it can get frustrating for a first timer, as well the more experienced, since they don't always burn smooth. A better plan might be to either put the coals on  one side with meat on the other, or coals around the outside and meat in the middle. not many coals.  it may also be beneficial if you are prestarting coals in another grill and getting them hot before adding to the smoker.

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Good luck on your first smoke.

When you get a minute drop into Roll Call and tell us a bit about yourself

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Since you have a grill, the minnion method is not practical.


Just build a fire on both sides & put the shoulder in the middle.


Here's a great video.


Good luck,



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Ok I am very familiar with low and slow using coals on one side and meat on the other.  Been doing that for about a year now..  I also use a charcoal chimney.  So if I choose this method my question would be approximately how many briquets should I use?

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