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G'day folks!

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I'm from Queensland Australia, I cook on a UDS, Weber, Mini weber, Std BBQ, small box smoker, rotisserie and Hark smoker. Full time carnivore and always up to trying meat and flame/smoke/indirect/ whatever!


I'm also looking for a good Kransky recipe if anyone has some suggestions!


Happy cooking!


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Hey Lucky, we welcome you to this great site.

Sorry I don't even know what Kransky is.

However if you look up in the right upper corner,

you'll see a magnifying glass looking thing.

Punch that and type her in and see what you get.

Or just jump right out into the forums and ask away.

You'll get answers.




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:welcome1:Glad to have you on board sounds like you have a handle on some cooking all ready with that line up of cookers keep them full and happy smoking. I to have no idea what kransky is.



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Welcome to the forum.


Glad to have you with us.


Sounds like you have a lot to share.



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