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Hey, ...

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Had ran through this site awhile ago and bookmarked it..  then, finally got around to making my new smoker and came back and joined a few weeks ago.  


First, thanks for a good resource - has been helpful to read.


I'm in Northwest Ohio. Up on the "North Coast"    - hence, JHOLE , Jeff Here On Lake Erie.....


I've been grilling year 'round forever.  And a number of years ago, gotten into smoking with a few real cheapy units that all got used up and burnt out..


It was always more difficult to really get ramped up into the smoking due to the cold weather half of the year, so I put the smoking thing off for awhile until I got around to making a smoker that I felt would be robust enough to overcome the environment and make things more consistent..


It was always assumed that I would make something with ridiculous power to overcome.  But then I started to throttle back and engineer a simpler and more efficient way , and as the process played out, everything that I was kind of interested in basically already existed...  a stove.


And, as a fabricator, and more importantly, a contractor - I happen to have a few stoves sitting around that have come from kitchen remods...   So, I took a small amount of time and whipped one up into a easy smoking unit.  


I've been tweaking it out - and changing some things around for a couple months now.  But it is finally getting close to where I want it to be - at least for a prototype / platform for trying different stuff...


In the time of tweaking this out , I've done some ribs, chicks, cheese, peanuts, butts, briskets, and - am heading out to try some fatties this afternoon  ( my firsts)..


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Welcome from SC, Jeff. It's good to have you on this great site. God luck with your stove build. Go to the build section and you will find a lot of help.
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Welcome! We are happy you found the site helpful and that you joined the group! Cant wait to see your posts. b

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:welcome1:Glad to have you on board as you have already seen there is a lot of great guys and gals on here with tons of info.



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Hey Jeff, welcome to this great site.

Love the screen name, great thinking.

I really want to see your build as I have

been thinking of something similar.




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Welcome to the forum Jeff.


Glad to have you with us.


Good luck with your build.



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Thanks. I had to wait for my stuff to pass thru channels before I could respond..


if  this works - it's a quick look at the general layout of the unit, although it has gone through some changes since this time..






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