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Hey Steve - less of the "old" :biggrin:

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It was Bob who first mentioned OLD!
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Hello.  I think the phrase Bob meant to use was "seasoned, EXTREMELY experienced  pit masters".  :ROTF  Keep Smokin!


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That Bob sure needs educating! 😂
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Originally Posted by KC5TPY View Post


THAT and some of the responses is what I mean about BBQ snobs.  What I would ask is IF I put you in the middle of a forest with a piece of venison, 2 matches and some petrol (nothing else).  Could you cook that venison AND have it turn out tasting GREAT!  IF your answer is NO; you have some skills to learn.


Me or Bob in the middle of a forest?  We are both ex Army so it wouldn't be a problem for us.  In fact we could even catch the venison (deer) also,  have a s**t hot meal and build a warm and comfortable place to eat it in.  You could keep the petrol and the matches if you want we wouldn't need them. 

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Sorry James, had to laugh 😂 end of the first line, have a s**t! Thought that was a statement!!!! 😂😂😂👍
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It could be, there would be plenty of time for one of those also.  Should read " have a s**t. and a hot meal .................PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif 

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Think of me as john Rambo just more handsome and a much better cook.
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I also hope with more grey matter !
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I would hope so bud. Well I at least have enough intelligence to seek help from you guys haha.
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