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brisket for jerky?

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Hi I was wondering if anyone has used brisket to make beef jerky? If you have how long does it take to smoke/cook it?
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I'm no expert, but in general, I don't think you want to use a fatty meat for making Jerky.  The fat doesn't really render, because the temps are low, and the fat will spoil faster than the lean meat..  

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Glouie is correct. Fat is not your friend wityh Jerky. A smaller lean Flat would be ok but anything from the Round, back leg, is a better choice unless you make Brisket Jerky and eat it up within a week or two...JJ

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Ok that's what I thought but I have several briskets in the freezer so I thought I'd try to make jerky from one of them.
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I've made a lot of jerky using the flat  brisket. If you trim all the visible fat while slicing, you'll find the finished product to be very lean. I recently have been using bottom round, as brisket prices are pretty high for jerky meat. I wouldn't hesitate to use it if you already have some. I don't know about you, but my jerky doesn't last long enough to get rancid! Lol! I just think using brisket for jerky is a waste, if your having to buy it for that purpose, the end result(actual jerky) would be impossible to distinguish it from a cheaper cut of beef.

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