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Question about reheating ribs.

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Hey guys,


In about 4 weeks i am going on a fishing trip for a few days with my familly.


I planned to serve smoked baby back ribs one night. The thing is that I wont have a smoker there.


My familly likes FOTB ribs. So my plan is to smoke ribs at home, freeze them, then reheat them when we are at the fishing shack.


How should i cook them? If i do the 2-2-1 trick, i am pretty sure that when i reheat them on the bbq over there, meat will fall of the bone...and it will be a pain to serve.


So would it work if i smoke them like 4 hours, no foil, no sauce, just the rub. After that i vaccum seal them with some sauce and freeze them.


When i get there, i could put them in foil with the sauce, cook them a little then remove them from the foil?


Would you thinks this would work?


Thanks for your help.

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It sure sounds like it would work to me.


Maybe others will have a better idea.



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When I have left over ribs I just cut them into three bone pieces and vacuum pack, then freeze them. They are obviously fully cooked. To serve I just let them thaw then drop the vacuum pack into simmering water.
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To save time and trouble, fully cook, vac pack, and freeze. When you are at your destination place in simmering water or I prefer to steam in a pot with a rack on the bottom, saves time and energy. Serve with different sauces on the side so each can use their preferred sauce.



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