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GE fridge build

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Hello smoking world,


I just obtained this GE fridge from a buddy for the purpose of building a smoker.  I've just started stripping it, removing plastic and whatnot.  I got the inside of the door removed and aside from the freezer, the only other plastic I see is the trim around the fridge compartment.  My question is about the fridge lining.  I can't tell if it is painted or if it's enamel.  Any suggestions on figuring this out?  Thanks



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Drinknsmoke, I made one of these in college. I completely gutted it down to just the sheet metal to get all the plastic out. There was a metal "liner" inside that was surrounded by insulation, took all that out so it was just the sheet metal frame and then had a fire inside of it. That way we knew for sure that everything bad was gone. I would only recommend doing it at night though because it will be pretty black smoke.


This was my build


Hope this helps.

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