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Cracked Black Pepper

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I have seen a few posts here about various ways and preferences to grind our whole peppercorns.
I have tried various ways:
Mortar and pestle - good for a small amount, too tiresome to do more than a few tbsps

Pepper mills - same as above

Electric coffee grinder - too fine for my liking

Mini-food processor - peppercorns just spun around without cracking!

My preferred method so far has been my old fashioned coffee mill:



BUT - visiting Costco this week I was thrilled to see the following - exact same price as for whole peppercorns, and just the right size for most of my needs.
WooHoo! Stocked up on a few bottles, should get me thru a couple months of summer smokin'!



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Sweet, one more thing to add to my list of first purchases when our Costco opens next week.
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I love my pepper grinder and my whole telicherry peppercorns but to grind even a couple tablespoons for a rub can be well, grinding :30: I have considered buying cracked pepper for the time when I need more than a couple twists from my table grinder. I'm always leery about the freshness of store bought spices. I have been buying spices from The Spice House for years now and have never NEVER been disappointed with any of their product. Once I discovered the difference in what really fresh spices are like I never went back to store bought.

Spice House sells 7 different grinds of pepper. From extra course down to almost dust.

Next time I order some spices I think I will purchase some coarse grind.

Good thread topic!

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