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My new nba uds !

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I am amazed at how well this thing holds temps!!! I had it at 250 for 161/2 hours ten I decided to shit it down!! Still had coals! 3 3/4 intakes one with a ball valve the other two have a 90 elbow facing Down to avoid the wind both them have screw in plugs ... 3 racks .. 2 for cooking 1 for a water pan (which I only use when cooking on th lower grate to block direct heat!! Gasket seal on the lid and I have to install 4 lid latches yet ... I don't think I need them really but hey the tighter it is the more consistent it will cook!!!
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Also installed a lid latch for hanging the lid in the side of the drum... Which I thought I wouldn't need till I seen all the dang grass on the inside lol it was wayyyyyy cheaper to build then I thought it would be ... Probably 120 total ....
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First rack I did with it!!
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Nice looking UDS!


The ribs don't look to shabby either!


Great job!!



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Thanks I love it. !!! The rib were my first sauced ribs usually leave em with just a good old fashioned rub I make
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