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Pork shoulder

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Saturday I have a bunch of friends over and decided to make Pulled Pork Sandwiches. My alarm went off at 4am this morning. At first it is a little rough to get up, but once the fire is on I just love it when everyone else is asleep, it's quiet, slowly it's getting lighter out. Once the meat is on you can just back, relax and enjoy a good cup of coffee.



Dry brined the night before.

Rubbed it this morning:



After 9.5 hours of smoke:



Not going to wrap it since I have plenty of time. The shoulder is at 184F at this time.

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Looks great so far!


I don't like to foil them either.


Love that bark!



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Thanks Al!

Almost done. At 194F at the moment:

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Your pork shoulder is looking great!

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Thank you sir!

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I did fat side down for the first time. Had a hard time getting the shoulder off my food rack. A layer of fat got stuck to it and had to pull the shoulder off in pieces. Is this common?

I dry brined it for 12 hours, I know 24 would be better for such a big piece of meat but didn't have the time. The meat was a tad on the dry side. I smoked it for 16 hours between 210 and 250f. Never wrapped it.

Any advice on figuring out why it was a bit dry?
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