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Cooked a Butt today 4/13/16

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Cooked a 10lb Butt today on my Brickman. Cut it in 4 pieces....put it on at 6 AM and it was done at 190 by 4:30. Put barbecue sauce on wrapped it in tin foil put it in the oven for an hour until 194 degrees. I used sand in my water pan. I tasted it and it was delicious. Most of it was pull-able


I got my name from when I was a little uncle called me t-baby, a nickname for T.A., my real nane. Brings back sweet memories.

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You may want to take the next one a little higher to 205, then it will pull real easy!



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Take it to 205 like Al says and then rest it wrapped in foil and then in old towels in a cooler. Rest it as long as you can. I have rested them as long as overnight before. You are close you just need to take it a bit further.

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Like Al said, take that butt to 205 and you will be amazed!  



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Also, welcome to the forum!  Head on over to roll call and introduce yourself.  



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Thank you. :)

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Def 200 to 205 also ... Did u chop it up prior to cooking. ?? Into the 4 pieces or was that done after u cooked the ten lb er
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