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Please help

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I'm looking for a brinkmann trail master Ltd vertical smoker. Please let me know if y'all have one for sale. Thanks, steelie
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Looks like they are sold out everywhere. What is your budget and why this particular one?...JJ

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I have this thing working perfect and promised my father one without knowing brinkmann went under. My budget is 3-400$$
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Please?? Anyone have one??
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Hello Steelie,


If it's gotta be that specific smoker, looks like your best bet is to post your WTB request on every outdoor cooking board on the ' hopes of finding someone who's selling a used one.  And of course there's CL.  You never might get lucky.


You could also use the search feature to browse for members here who own might find someone to PM your request.  Even if they don't want to sell, maybe they would have more info on where to find one.  I already did a search...this link shows the results:


Good luck...hope you find what you're looking for!  Thumbs Up



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