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Easter Smoked Chicken Extravaganza

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The weather is starting to get beautiful, and I have been itching to smoke more meat. I have also recently gotten a great deal on some whole chickens, 10 whole birds for $10.  Perks of living close to a few chicken processing plants, and having a friend with family in the business.  So I decided to smoke 4 for Easter. 


I had froze them, and decided to let them thaw in a brine, in a food safe bucket, in my garage fridge for a few day. (It worked, but I wouldn't recommend this method.  The smaller parts thawed quicker, and were in the brine longer.  The wing were a little salty.)  When I pulled them out day of...I got a little worried.  Movable, but a little icy.  30 mins in the sink, changing out the cold water a few times fixed the problem.



Next step was to spatchcock them.  At the time I didnt have freezer space, or I would have saved the backs to make stock.







Next I give them a dusting of my own rub.




Then the meat hits the heat!



Starting time and temp.





I also made my own Alabama White Sauce for my birds.  As well as my own vinegar based BBQ sauce.




After about 3.5hrs in the smoker at about 225-250 these birds were about 165, and I pulled them.  

Finish temp and time below.



Here is how they looked after, in the smoker.



Here is my finished product!



These were fantastic!  They tasted great. I also used the left overs to make chicken salad.  Let me tell you, smoked chicken salad is where it is at my friends.


Bonus Picture:  I also made a Hummingbird Cake.  My favorite.  My grandmother used to always make this.  Recipe straight out of the 1978 Southern Living Magazine.


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Great looking birds and the cake looks delicious! Cant go wrong with spatched birds!



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I haven't done a spatchcock chicken yet,keep seeing them and some day I will do it.Thanks Points


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Awesome looking birds!


The cake looks delicious!


Great job!



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Man those look tasty! I miss smoking in my Chargriller, just haven't been motivated to work the thing since I got a couple electrics! Perhaps ill fire her up this weekend because of your inspiration!


How was the skin? I can never get good skin, it is always chewy and way too smoky.

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Good looking birds. Have done spatchcock and  loved it. Next time let bird or any meat thaw before brine or a cure and it will take better. Not much can absorb through frozen meat.

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2thumbs.gif Sounds and looks great!

Nicely done!

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Yeah, next time I will let thaw.  I saw online where you could thaw in brine, and thought I would try it.


We ended up eating it the next day (this was the only time I had to smoke them), and the skin was rubbery.  Kind of wasted my rub, because we just took the skin off. Other than that it was great.  I have done this before with a turkey, and the skin was ok.  I can only get crispy skin in an oven, and letting it rest uncovered, and eating in home.  If you cover it and carry it it gets soggy or chewy.


I am working on an electric fridge build currently, but man I like this Chargriller.  I have made a few mods to it.  Firebricks, lowered the smoke stack, minion method basket, smoke diverters, etc.  When I first started with it, I had a hard time maintaining steady temp.  I do not know if I have learned the machine, or if it got properly seasoned, or both, but it keeps steady temp and cooks like a dream.

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