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Can I be oversmoking?

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It seems like sometimes when I cook on my wsm things come out tasting oversmoked. Just the other day I smoked a pork loin. I didn't use that many wood chunks, maybe 6 or 7. I used cowboy lump charcoal as the base and maybe 10 Kingsford briquettes from a chimney to get it going. It was moist and tender, very nice smoke ring but it just kinda tasted oversmoked. Not only to me but my gf and neighbor. Maybe the charcoal, maybe too much wood chunks. They are pretty old though too. What u guys think? Thanks
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1 or 2 wood chunks should be enough...  depending how big they are....   Chunks for smoke, briquettes for heat....


I like to be able to taste the meat....  too much smoke is horrible....   thin blue smoke is adequate....  thick white smoke sucks....


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Were you getting a lot of white smoke coming out the top? Bad.


Did you have the top vent all the way open? It should be wide open.


There's a saying, "If you can smell the smoke, so can the meat".


Meaning it doesn't take much smoke to flavor the meat.


Hope this helps.



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Yes I keep the top vent fully open and no thick white smoke at all. I'm thinking I might be throwing too many wood chunks on at the get go and its just overwhelming the meat. I'll try cutting back on my next smoke.
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In my 18.5" wsm I use (3-4) 2"-3" chunks for smoking. In the mini-wsm I use (2-3). It is possible to get too much smoke. What type of wood have you been using? That can make a difference too. My go to woods are on the milder side. Apple, Cherry, pecan, kiawe, alder, peach, red oak. Sometimes use hickory, but really don't care for mesquite. Personal favorite is a 50/50 mix of cherry and pecan or cherry and kiawe.

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I have been using pecan, apple, and cherry mostly. I'll cut it in half next time. I probably use 5 or 6 of the larger style chunks of wood. Kinda always thought more smoke, more tastier. But I mat have learned this isn't the case
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The amount of smoke is a personal choice. Regardless of how much, it has to be a clean smoke.

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It may be just how I set up my WSM th_dunno-1[1].gif 

Every single time I use it (22.5), I have to let her run empty for a solid .5 hrs before she produces TBS, and that's when I load whatever I'm smoking. So far nothing has come out of it that was over smoked but who knows, everyone is different. I mostly use Kingsford original.

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I wonder if the old charcoal does anything, I always shut the dampers to kill the flame and use the leftovers on my next smoke.
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Originally Posted by stickyFingers View Post

The amount of smoke is a personal choice. Regardless of how much, it has to be a clean smoke.
This ^^^
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Well I'll be honest, for the majority of my smokes if it wasn't for the heat waves coming out u could barely tell there is anything coming out
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