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still having problem getting TBS

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I recently bought a MES 40 from Academy.  I guess it is version 2.5.  It has an oval pan, looking at it the door hinges are on the right, and the control panel is in the center toward the back part of it with the exhaust on the back right.   I bought the amazn pellet smoker, and while I get plenty of white smoke, I cant get the TBS I am wanting.  I have tried everything I have read on here about this.  I have placed the pellets on the little rails in the lower left hand side of the smoker after drying them in the microwave.  I have pulled the chip feeder all the way out as well as only a couple of inches.  No change.   Any suggestions.  Thanks

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As long as the food you are preparing looks and tastes fine I wouldn't worry too much about Thin Blue Smoke.


TBS is the ideal condition but not the absolute.


Keep on smoking,



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Thanks John.   On some of the things like a butt roast its not  a big deal.  Its a big enough piece of meat that you dont' have be as careful.  But on chicken and cheese, the smoke does taste bitter when it is the heavy white smoke.  Any suggestions? 

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