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Cool thanks DS 



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Just pulled out some of the cheese I smoked two weeks ago, on another experiment using Orange wood,,, and oh ya good stuff,,,Orange wood will be my go to wood as for now.


I have some Mullberry and Sassafras wood pellets I want to try,,,but that will be later on with a new mod I am coming up on the MES Mailbox mod. 


A full smoker is a happy smoker 



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Getting serious when you start making mods to the mods.  Sounds like sleepless nights.


Anxious to see it.



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The following are examples of some serious remote fireboxes used to create edible cheese directly out of the smokers..





The above is an example using an Smoke Daddy Big Kahuna smoke generator in conjunction with a wood stove leading to a 22cf product chamber. 




The above is example using a tray type pellet smoke generator inside a wood stove leading to a 22cf product chamber.   AMNPS & Smoke Daddy Myths?




The above example uses a tray type smoke generator inside a mailbox feeding an MES.

Can't get TBS while cold smoking with MES 30" and AMNPS




The above example is using a MES cold smoke attachment feeding an MES.

Epic Fail Redemption


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Originally Posted by driedstick View Post

Is this on your MB Mailbox mod or different set up?? yep, Time is not always the way to go,,,,which alot of folks do ,,,, I have been going for color lately and with the cooler tems (almost freezing) it takes longer to get the color on the cheese 

Forgot about this. I stopped using the MES a while back. Now I just use an XL BGE. Put the AMNPS on the bottom of the Egg. Fire grate on top of it. Put a pie email of foil on the grate, directly over the AMNPS. Stack cookie cooling racks on the fire grate. I leave the bottom one empty. Or I just put the AMNPS in the firebox of my Reverse Flow and put the cookie cooling racks on the cooking grate. In my limited experience using the Egg has netted the best results, as far as producing heavily smoked cheese. Have shipped cheese to 5 friends...all of them don't think the cheese is over smoked at 8 hours. We let the cheese sit for 3 days in the fridge, uncovered. We then vacuum seal it....and ship a note suggesting to let it sit for 14 days, minimum. Just got an email from one of my friends, he said that the cheese is fantastic, his was smoked last September or so. Just smoked some Mozzarella over the weekend...
Looked at it at the 3 hour mark...Ernestina said to "let it ride" so it went a full 8 hours...
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