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Well, I did not know that.  I understood they were both built in the USA, Smokin-It in Ohio and Smokin Tex in... well Texas, Dallas area to be exact. 

Yes, although both companies are headquartered in their respective states the products themselves are made in China. A Google search will confirm it. Their retail prices also prove it when you compare them with Cookshack electric smokers, which as I said are made here. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. Right now the Cookshack Smokette SM009-2 Electric Smoker sells for $699 and cooking capacity is 20-25 lbs. of food. Its temp range is 100-250° and has only a 500 watt heating element.. By contrast, the Smokin-IT Model #3D is on sale for $699.99 (reg. $734.99) and cooking capacity is 45 lbs.  Temp range is 0-300° and it has a 1200 watt heating element. Both smokers burn wood. The smokers from both companies are highly-rated. With the Chinese-made electric smokers you get more bang for your buck, if that's important to you.





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I used a Cookshack Amerique for 4+ years without a hitch. American made and expensive.  I never had a problem with it and it worked flawlessly. I, on the other hand, ruined a butt by using 12 ounces of wood.  Ugly bitter. Had to toss the meat. I passed Cookshack on to my son and now use a Smokin-it 3D.  Far less expensive and every bit as good.  A great value for the money with a great warranty. Steve recently relocated his operation to Michigan from Ohio. The smokers are imported and very ruggedly built. And like the Cookshack smokers, the quality and reliability of the SI smokers are top notch, but without the high price. I cannot comment on the SmokinTex unit - no experience.

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Fender Telecaster!  Its my favorite electric.

Cool. When we form the official SMF rock band you're playing lead.

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I follow Cookshack on Facebook. They seem very much like a big family run business and they post a lot of pictures of the employees. Every time I use my SM-025 I think about those pictures of the people who hand crafted my smoker.
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