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Looking for help

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Over the years, I had complied an equipment list for competitions, to help me remember everything.  This mac-daddy list contained not just the usual stuff, but things like a coffee maker, hose bib splitter, hip flask, etc.  You know, all the stuff that makes things easier when you're spending 10-12 hours cooking at a competition site.


My computer crashed a couple of months ago, and I lost my list.  I have a competition in three weeks, and I'm trying to re-create it.  I was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to share.





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I can help get you started...Meat, Smoker, Fuel, Rub...Just playing.:biggrin: I don't compete but wanted to Bump your post. Good luck friend.:first:...JJ

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Thanks, Jimmy!

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I don't compete either but I cook for large events. I always sit down a couple days before the event and go over in my mind what I'm cooking and then I go through the whole visual procedure in my mind of what I do and compile my list that way. Once you visualize the things you do you will "see" what you need. Just write it down as you go. Hope this helps!

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