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Easter Fatty

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Made my first fatty on Easter and it turned out really well! Only problem was the bacon didn't get as crispy as I was hoping. Had the Traeger set at 275 for a couple hours. The inside hit the right temp but the bacon weave wasn't crispy. Any suggestions?





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That looks great to me. But I like my bacon just like that. If you want crispy bacon get the thinnest bacon you can find or you can par cook it a little in the microwave before weaving. I have even taken a rolling pin to thick bacon with good results before after letting it get up to room temp. At those temps you should have gotten crisp bacon anyway. do you have a reliable thermometer on your smoker? I use mavericks for my stuff.

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The thing about a bacon weave is while it looks cool, there are 2 layers of bacon, so the second layer is not going to get crispy unless you crisp it up on a hot grill or in the oven. I fry my bacon until crispy & put it inside the fattie. Or you can wrap one layer around the fattie & it will get a little crispier. 

Maybe this will help.



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