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I Like Big Butts!

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And I cannot lie.... the more leftovers the better!

Decided I would smoke up an 11.2 lb bone in shoulder for pulled pork for Good Friday. Seasoned it up Wednesday night with CC Ryder rub and into the fridge. On to my LG pellet smoker at 1630 on Thursday. It reached 203 at 1430 Friday so took it off, sampled the bark just to make sure it wasn't poisonous ;) , wrapped it in foil and towels and into the cooler. Took it out and pulled at 1730 and all was right with the world......

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Looks great
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Looks tasty! Nice smoke!
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Looking good J.   Thumbs Up    Did you make sandwiches?

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Tasty looking pulled pork! A quesadilla would be tasty!
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Now that looks PP.  Nice job.



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Good looking Q, nice job.

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Looks like it turned out well for you.


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Great looking PP!


I love to see chunks of bark mixed in with the PP!




Thumbs Up



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Thanks guys. Some of us had sandwiches with fresh kaiser buns and others just piled meat on their plate with a little au jus.
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