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Finaly got my slicer

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I have been looking for a long time and I just scored. I have looking online and at auctions for a while and just won me this little beauty for just over $200.
I can't wait to slice up bacon and all the yummy goodies I'm gona start making grilling_smilie.gif
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Nice score mike................... I see it has the sharpener attachment with it...................Thumbs Up cant wait to see it in action

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Me niether. I pick it up today :) I cant wait for perfectly sliced bacon. I can now do some prosciutto and get those see through slices :drool 

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Nice score!



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Great price. icon14.gif
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Good deal.

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Looks good. When you get it also make sure that it has the blade removal tool as you will need this for cleaning it.

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Very nice, can't wait to see good things

well sliced.


Keep on smokin'                                  Ed

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OMG my aching back. I had no idea it would weigh this much. I hope I can get out of bed tomorrow after lifting it to the counter.

They don't look this big from across the deli counter.
It looks like it needs a real thorough cleaning on the inside too. Do any of you know what is recommended for this?
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Yep..... they do weigh a lot. Yours looks similar to mine,   I have a globe model 685. Just sliced some bacon and did a cleaning. I you tubed disassembley for my globe and found a video on how to use and clean and it says to use a mild detergent. I used a little dawn, water and a sponge then came back with just water and a sponge to rinse. You have to be extra extra careful not to touch that blade....46.gifsmiley_snowball.gif


I keep a large cardboard box over mine for a dust cover and it doesn't get moved

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This is a Globe 725. Thanks for the cleaning info, the inside looks a bit greasy.
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My slicer (Hobart 2612) has been the most used piece of equipment I have besides my smoker.  You will enjoy it!

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