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My new slicer (updated pics)

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Well I finally got me a slicer.....sausage.gifsausage.gifsausage.gifbluesbros.gif


It will be here tuesday. I have a friend of mine who went to carolina beach this weekend and picked it up for me this morning....biggrin.gif   I cant find any pictures of it on google images but i did find one for sale on cl with pics. Its a globe model 685 I picked up for $450

I'm exited and ready to smoke a belly for some bacon and a roast and make some sammies.....

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Congrats don't foget to post pics when ya get it

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Congrats on the find

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Congratulations, that is a good slicer...

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You are going to really enjoy that slicer.  You won't be able to pick it up, but wherever you get it set, you'll enjoy it. biggrin.gif


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Excellent find!

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some pics of the slicer







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thats a beauty Joe.......Nice score!

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Looks great!!!!

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Great Score!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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