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Hey I'm Matt

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Hey everyone!  I've been reading and trying recipes from for just over a year now.  I live in the St Louis area for 8 years now and got my first real taste of BBQ/smoked meats after I moved here.  I am origonaly from Michigan and spent some time in North Dakota.  I started hunting three years ago with my father in law (deer) and learning to make jerky and snack sticks is what lead me to this forum.  This forum really inspired me to try smoking on my weber for the first time, and even though I didn't do that good of a job everyone loved it.  I found out through this forum about masterbuilt smokers and fell in love with the idea of being able to set it and almost completely forget it. 


In the past year that I have taken this hobby on I have smoked several shoulders into pulled pork, I just did my first brisket/burnt ends this last weekend, brats, hotdogs, potatoes, salt, salmon, jerky, snack sticks, and some more meat I know I am forgetting.  I absolutely love this forum and I turn directly to here if there is a cut of meat at Sam's I'm not familiar with, and any time anyone tells me how great my smoked meat is I always tell them about this place.  I also know the saying "pics or it didn't happen" so I will try and get around to adding some pics of my brisket, unfortunately I was to hungry to take a pic of the finished product but it was good!


This place is great, and I intend to make a couple posts over this summer as I continue up with this awesome hobby!

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Welcome to SMF!


Glad you decided to join us!


Great bunch of folks on here.



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Welcome to the site.  Sounds like your off to a great start with the smoking hobby.


I look forward to reading about some of your projects and seeing some pictures of them as well.

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