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Fall off the bone ribs

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Did a couple of racks of ribs today, 3-2-1, ribs were tender but not fall off the bone.  I put some bourbon in the foil at step to, and I sthought they were great.  HOWEVER


My better half wants them to fall off the bone.  I'm at a loss (new to smoking ribs), but I would like to please her next time (my health is a major consideration :drool).   Any suggestions?



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Were they spare ribs? As a rule, 3-2-1 should make fall-off-the-bone spares every time...but if you want them more tender, simply add time to the second stage (the foil stage). The longer you leave them in foil, the more tender they'll get. I suggest using caution, however. If you overdo this stage you could end up with nothing but mush.

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I agree foil longer.


If you have a thermapen, 200-205 IT would be fall off the bone.



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Try more liquid, 1/4C, in the foil as well. Add some Coke, Ginger Ale or Apple Juice with the Bourbon...JJ

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