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Oh, no... I'm in big trouble.

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Stopped by the butcher to pick up what I needed to get started on another batch. Got to talking to him, and there is going to be a sale on fresh ground pork (pork butts) for $1.29/lb starting Wednesday, running for a week. 


They always do a great job on trimming all the connective tissue and the glands and other undesirables out - always. It's also minimally processed, so none of those "10% solution added", antibiotic-loaded deals, just meat. I can grind my own meat, but if he's going to do it for me cheaper than I can buy the pork butts themselves, hey, beautiful!


Heads up, my friend - I need 50 to 100 lbs. 


So it looks like I'll be making a few things in the near future... on top of the 50ish lbs of fish my father-in-law asked me to do for him.


No rest for the wicked! Wish me luck.


Lots of Q-view coming up.

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That's a great deal.

I will be watching to see what all you make.
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Thumbs Up

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OK - Crank it up! We'll be watchin.



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I'm in!





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Sounds like the kind of trouble you should be in. Go for it! Can't wait to see results. Btw. UPS/FedEx delivers here
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Giddyup! I'm in!  110.gif:sausage:

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goodluck.gif  Sounds like you will be busy for a while. Great price on ready prepared pork butts and of course have to keep in-law happy makes for happy wife.

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Thanks for the encouragement, guys! Y'all rock!


Hopefully I'll be able to get cranking on the meat tomorrow. Stopped by again to arrange for the first batch, and I had my wings clipped to 50 lbs - too big a sale, and trying to be fair to the rest of the community. If I can get more and not run them clean out, I will. That's alright... lots to do with a full time and part time job to keep after. Besides, I'm literally running out of reefer/freezer space, so I need to have some processed to make room for the next round. I can already see a second reefer is in my future.


Started on the fish this morning with an experiment for my Father-in-Law. Cured 5 lbs of Northern Pike. It's rinsed and developing it's happy little pellicle now, then into the smoker with a nice Alder wood smoke. It's definitely true, that keeping him happy appeases my ol' lady, but he's about as avid a hunter as there ever was, so keeping him happy keeps my freezer full of venison, elk, turkey, and fish. Besides, he's a cool dude.


As for the plans on the meat... if all goes well, I have plans for 3 definite recipes, and the last one is kind of up in the air.


Since they'll be different, I'll start a new thread for each. That way, things won't get buried, and they'll be searchable down the road.


Reminds me... I need to get that ham curing... 2thumbs.gif 

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... and here's the Northern, all smoked up! (thread here:




Also, the ham cubes are in the brine. Progress!

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Picked up 28 lbs of ground pork Wednesday afternoon. Got that situated in the fridge (that's a lot of freakin' meat, man!) and got the seasonings measured out for the first couple of batches... which will be:



Jagdwurst, and another round of Goteborg Summer Sausage, slightly modified from the first batch to tweak the flavor just a little bit.


The Jagdwurst is here:




The Goteborg Summer Sausage is here:



Gotta pick up another 25-30 lbs of meat again tomorrow, as long as he can accommodate me. :super:

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