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Hello Forum and staff

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Newburydave here,


I'm new to the whole smoking / drying meat thing and your forum popped up in a Bing search.


I'm old guy, retired from industry, still keeping my hand in as a Freelance Writer / Ghostwriter. I'm writing this from our place in Lake County, Florida; but our home of many years is in Newbury, Massachusetts, hence the username. That's my online name for all of my forum and other online participation.


Currently we are snowbirds, though I'd like to move to Florida permanently. My wife, however, doesn't want to leave  the kids and grandkids up north by themselves...sooo, the long drive has become a part of our lives for a while at least. (If mama ain't happy,... and all that).


Mike, my son-in-law, started making Jerky and drying fruit and veggies (they have a huge garden) a while ago after someone gave him a dehydrator for Christmas. I like Jerky and such but the price is too steep for me to buy it normally; but when I saw how easy it was for Mike with his electric dehydrator I started looking for one myself.


After I found one and made a batch with a doctored up packaged marinade (extra Liquid smoke and vinegar) I figured I'd better study up on the how-to, (the first batch was okay, but it was obvious I had a lot to learn). I didn't want to be stuck buying commercial marinades/rubs) so here I am.


Back where I come from we say "Experience is the best teacher". My years working in industry fixing problems taught me the truth of that proverb so I went looking for a forum of experienced folks. You guys are the first "Authoritative" source of experience in the Craft I've found. Based on the posts I've previewed before I joined I expect to learn a lot here.


Maybe someday I'll learn enough to contribute meaningfully; but right now I'm in learning mode.


Thanks for the opportunity to join the group.



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Welcome to the site Dave.  You've found the right place for helpful folks and smoking inspiration.


In case you haven't found it yet,  here is a link to the sites jerky page.

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Welcome to SMF, Dave!


I'm just down the road from you in Sebring.


As you have found out there is a lot of info here to be had.



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texas.gif  Good afternoon and welcome to the forum, from a warm sunny day here in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.




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