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lang smoker

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look at a lang smoker the other  day

just wondering what so  special about them is it the name ?

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I don't own a Lang, but there are a lot of guys on here who do. They say they are made of heavy gauge steel so the temps stay pretty steady. With the reverse flow the chamber temps are more even across the grates.

I'm sure some of them will be along shortly to comment.



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The lang smoker is a quality smoker that is easy to use and will do every thing Ben Lang says plus much more.With reasonable care it will last several life times.If I were going to buy a new smoker I would go with a Lang or a Shirley Fabrication smoker.For the money I believe you get more bang for the buck with the Shirley Just my 2 cents worth,but I do love my Lang 60 deluxe.

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Never used a Lang but have seen plenty of them. Seem to be a real quality build but there are a lot of guys out there building quality rigs.

I personally like the versatility of my tuning plate set up. I can be 300 degrees on one end of my smoker and 225 to 250 on the other depending on how I lay out the tuning plates.

Or I can have it pretty close to even all the way across.

This makes it nice for doing poultry at a higher temp at one end and ribs at a lower temp at the other.

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