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The Double Dog Dare.

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Well I am sure you guys are getting tired of me posting, but I been sick and bored. I am usually in my van 12-16 hours a day.


I have not successfully completed this challenge, and I am hoping you guys may have some input.


I began considering a carnival food. and decided my best option that I have never seen is this. We are going to build a hot dog on a stick then dip in corn dog batter and deep fry.


Yeah boy what an undertaking. Here is my next try.


1 can of croissant dough unfurled, and then rolled a little thinner.

beef hot dogs. I use all beef nothing less.

some chili

and some corn dog batter.


First try this way I wrapped the dough around the hot dog and chilli then put on a stick and dipped into batter and deep fried. Unfortunately the batter overcooked before the dough cooks and its a soggy mess. Defeated I walked away disgusted, and was not allowed to waste the boys rolls. He loves em.


So Lets try a thin layer of chilli, and Weiner rolled into the dough placed on a stick then deep fried.  then dipped into corn dog batter and fried again.


Well if I can get the wifey to run to the market I might get to try it again.

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Hope it comes out for you,, let us know,,,what about wrapping bacon around it?? OR you can make your own chili dogs with a mix from Curleys 


Good luck



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