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Mini WSM bad burn time

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Okay so I am only getting about 5 hours with a filled basket and minion method. I have the base cut out of the pot and a 9" skillet for a diffuser. I usually open the vents on the SJ gold about 1/8" to keep it at 225*

Help me, I really wanna try some butts in this but the burn time seems short for it. Here is a pic after 5 hours and the temp had started to drop.
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What kind of charcoal are you using? I use KBB.
How is the weather there? In cold weather, it has to burn faster to keep the temp up. I built mine using a jumbo Joe but on a really cold day (that defined as in the lower 30s here) I will only get about 5 hrs out of it unless I wrap it with a welding blanket.

Smoke it up
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I forgot to mention the charcoal type and even thought about that! Just Kingsford briquette type. It is about 30* or colder. That is good to know on the temps and results, thanks. I should get a blanket or use the UDS with a bigger basket I guess.

Also now that I think of it it was easily 8 hours in the summer.
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That's one of the main reasons I didn't make the charcoal basket... I get more coals in mine without the basket ... but.. with the Mini at least you can just lift the pot to refuel if needed...
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