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Did I under cure?

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This is my first go at curing anything.  So I'm a little apprehensive.  I am using Hi Mountain BBB cure.  I used a 7.5 lb butt, deboned, and split into horizontally into two pieces (about 2" thick at max).  I have been curing the two pieces according to directions for 11 days (directions actually say 10 day cure).  I pulled from the frig this morning to soak in water for 1 hour.  After removing from the cure, I made a slice through the middle.  The color is not uniform through the thickness of the meat.  It has a raw look in the center.


Will this be safe to eat?  Here are the instructions from Hi Mountain:


1.  After curing remove meat from pan.

2. Soak in water for 1 to 2 hours.

3.  Drain and rinse with fresh water.

4. Pat dry and let stand at room temp at least 1 hour

5. Place in 150 degree smoker without smoke for 45 min

6. Increase temp to 200 and start smoke

7.  Smoke until internal temp of meat reaches 140 degrees

8. Turn off heat and leave back in smoker for 1 hour to cool down.



Thanks for any comments.  

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Can you get a picture of it?
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If the center is bright red, that means the cure went all the way thru the meat.


Like Adam said a photo would be helpful.



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The meat will be fine...  Color development happens as the temperature of the meat rises.....   The difference in color you see can be from different muscle groups, oxidation of the meat... temperature during the cure...    a number of things...


I don't particularly agree with their temperature program, but it's a good place to start...    Use their recipe and judge how you like it....  

then further reading of how folks here adjust temperatures during the smoking cooking cycle, can give you new ideas of what you may like to try...



Personally with a 2" slab of meat, I would have cured for 14 days...  Salt, sugar and spices, penetrate the meat at different rates...  sugars being 5-10 times slower than salt...   the sugar not having time to counteract the saltiness...


BUT, Always follow the manufacturers directions when curing..



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IMO .................If you followed the directions on the kit you should be good

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Thanks guys.  I'll snap a picture when I take it out from its 1 hour soak (in about 20 minutes).

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Just a heads up the reason they have you soak the meat is to remove salt. After you remove it from the soak, slice a small piece off and fry it up. If it's too salty soak again. Repeat if necessary.
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Here is a picture. I don't know what I'm lookinf for....

Also, thanks for the heads up on test frying a piece. I did sample a piece and it was very salty. Back in fresh water to soak another hour.

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Looks like cure has gotten to the inside to me.....

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Looks good to me too
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Too help remove more salt, change your water every 15 minutes and/or add a peeled potato to the water.

I know the Hi Mountain mix is pretty salty.

Pick up some cure #1 & Give Pop's brine a try. Or if you have a scale use Digging dog farms cure calculator a shot for a dry rub cure.

Here's a few links of both processes:
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