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High temp cheese jalapeño

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The kid wants me to make him some snack sticks 19/21 mm casings with jalapeño cheese with his ducks and geese. My question is how much cheese to use.? I make 10lb batches cuz that's what fits in my MES. Is there a common ratio that you all use? Thanks...
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5-10% cheese by weight. 10% if you like it really cheesy.
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I tried sticks with ducks and geese but it didn't work out well because the low melt point fat separated out quickly and ran all over the oven I was pre drying them in. If you only used the meat that wouldn't be a problem, but I was trying to use the duck fat in place of pork fat. Definitely didn't work, unfortunately.
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I'm planning on using 50% pork butt..I hope it helps...
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I'm looking forward to seeing the results of this one.

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sounds good with adding the pork butt I think you will be fine just watch your smoker temps 



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Got Duck sticks done today, 50% duck and 50% pork butt made a 10 lb batch, made 1 1lb ritz cracker size sausage log , the rest snack sticks. Used Waltons pepper stick seasonings with a pound of there hot pepper cheese. Just tried a piece after letting them hang and bloom for hour and a half, they have a nice flavor to them and they are HOT.. Gonna go good with Beer...
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Looking good wazzuger.  Thumbs Up

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